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Hybrid Cloud

June 27, 2012

One of the challenges we have had with storing files and company information in the cloud was what would happen if the internet went down at the office.  How would everyone work.  Would they go home for the day, clean the kitchen at the office, do filing, or clean off one’s desk.  Not a great […]

Technology Sharing from the CCSI Staff Meetings

March 1, 2012

We have been doing a 5 minute Technology Sharing topic at the beginnings of each of our staff meetings where all of our staff brings in one new tech topic to each of our staff meetings.  In our February meeting, Gusti Williams shared with us.  It is a way to keep an eye on your […]

Motorola Xoom Review

April 16, 2011

Well gang, this was my first experience with the Andoid operating system and I found it to be pretty cool.  The interface is sharp and yes, there is an app for everything, just like on my iPad. I found that I kept trying to do stuff that I could do with my iPad, but could […]

Cisco uc320w initial thoughts

April 14, 2011

I recently purchased a uc320w Cisco phone system for our office. It is an easy install and seems to be well supported by Cisco.  We previously had a Microsoft Response Point System, that was abandoned by Microsoft, and wanted to move into a supported product.  We were looking for a product that our customers would […]

HTG Orlando Conference

November 2, 2010

Day one of the #HTG Orlando conference. Great content and it it really cool catching up with all of the other HTGers. It is so amazing to see how much we have all grown since our company, Creative Computer Solutions first joined over two years ago. I was in a meeting today, and to recall […]

Computer update

October 5, 2010

As an owner of a Small Computer Consulting company I enjoy playing with new technology.  When new tech toys come out, I most likely one of those “early adopters”   I get the product, I run it through its paces, and often get bored pretty quickly. Yesterday, my computer died.  It was like the old story […]

Preparing your business for interruptions

July 29, 2010

Agility Recovery and Creative Computer Solutions have teamed up to create a vision is to ensure that all businesses are better prepared.  We have recently taken a large step to make this vision a reality.  In an effort to encourage all businesses to plan ahead,  Agility has teamed with the Small Business Administration to create […]