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Technology Sharing from the Staff of CCSI July 13, 2012

July 19, 2012

Had a really great staff meeting last week.  We did our Technology Sharing session to start off the meeting.  Here are some of the technologies of interest. Gary Armstrong introduced us to a technology that none of us had seen before.  It was a printer and scanner that was built into the monitor  Jon […]

Technology Sharing from the CCSI Staff Meetings

March 1, 2012

We have been doing a 5 minute Technology Sharing topic at the beginnings of each of our staff meetings where all of our staff brings in one new tech topic to each of our staff meetings.  In our February meeting, Gusti Williams shared with us.  It is a way to keep an eye on your […]

Motorola Xoom Review

April 16, 2011

Well gang, this was my first experience with the Andoid operating system and I found it to be pretty cool.  The interface is sharp and yes, there is an app for everything, just like on my iPad. I found that I kept trying to do stuff that I could do with my iPad, but could […]

Microsoft Research: Lightspace

October 4, 2010

It’s hard not to love the crazy stuff happening at Microsoft Research, but it’s also hard to imagine when any of it is going to actually start changing the way we interact with our PCs. Surface was bested by SecondLight as the coolest tech we can’t buy, and now here comes another successor: LightSpace. This gets rid of the expensive table in favor of a (surely not cheap) series of projectors hanging from the ceiling paired to a 3D camera. The camera detects the relative position of things and instructs a projector to apply a Surface-like interface onto any flat surface. From there a user can literally grab any file they like and carry it over to another surface, where it will be displayed. It’s all demonstrated quite handily in the video below, and while the system does look a wee bit rough at the moment, the potential is surely there. Just like it was with SecondLight, and Surface, and Courier…

Wisair WIreless USB Audio/Video Adapter. Very cool!

August 3, 2010

Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter is an interesting little gadget designed with laptops in mind – to stream any laptop content to any HD screen. Thus, you can wirelessly stream movies, TV, photo slideshows, presentations, web content, and more.  Check it out here: