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Hybrid Cloud

One of the challenges we have had with storing files and company information in the cloud was what would happen if the internet went down at the office.  How would everyone work.  Would they go home for the day, clean the kitchen at the office, do filing, or clean off one’s desk.  Not a great option for any busy office.  To be that dependent up on a weak internet link was not acceptable from any stretch of the imagination.

Then recently several providers have come up with new technologies that provide a local cache of the company documents at the client location.  This is much like what a proxy server in the old days used to do with web site information.  Local copies of frequently used files were stored on a local server, and served up locally from the web proxy server.

Enter the Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds.  You have your files securely stored in the cloud and you have a local copy at your office.  This can be in the form of  small hard drive device in your office, or on the hard drives of the computers in the office.  There are huge benefits in this approach in that files are on your local network and you get fast access and that you are not reliant upon the Internet to access your files.  Should the Internet go offline, you still have your files.  When the Internet Connection is restored, the system will upload your changes to the web.


Creative Computer Solutions will soon be rolling out the CCSI Hybrid Cloud solution to some of our current clients and to new ones as well.  We feel that with the new Hybrid Cloud, we are ready to come to market with a viable solutions that meets and exceeds many client needs.

For more information and a demo of the CCSI Hybrid Cloud, contact us at our Offices in Vancouver Washington.  Our phone number is 360-944-5111.  Ask for Kirk or Scott

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