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Motorola Xoom Review

Well gang, this was my first experience with the Andoid operating system and I found it to be pretty cool.  The interface is sharp and yes, there is an app for everything, just like on my iPad.

I found that I kept trying to do stuff that I could do with my iPad, but could not.  With the 1 week eval unit that I had, I didn’t have time to find work arounds for stuff like being able to screen capture the screen to a jpeg, or could not copy photos by just holding my finger on the photo like I do all of the time with my iPad.  But I am sure that if I had the unit long enough, I could figure out how to do everything you can with an iPad.

I think that what I discovered for the most part is that the iPad is great for people with an iPhone and an Android is perfect for people with an android phone.  I think that where people will get frustrated is when they have the newer Android OS like honecomb on their tablet, and they cannot get that same os, or it’s features,  it on their phone.  Make sure and pair up your phone OS with your tablet, or it might be a little frustrating.

That is all for now.  I am going to get an iPad 2 next to review.




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