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Cisco uc320w initial thoughts

I recently purchased a uc320w Cisco phone system for our office.

It is an easy install and seems to be well supported by Cisco.  We previously had a Microsoft Response Point System, that was abandoned by Microsoft, and wanted to move into a supported product.  We were looking for a product that our customers would love.

Cisco announced the uc320w March 1, 2011.  Creative Computer Solutions was an early adopter of the system.    I purchased a base unit, switch and 15 phones.  It is installed and working today in our office.

I feel that the uc320w phone system will be  a great system when it matures.  It needs some TLC from it’s design team to make it a truly unique product in the market.  In it’s current iteration, it is nothing more than a simple phone system that rings on your desk.  (It does have that cool Cisco “TV Show 24” ring)

It would be really great is someone would come out with a “Small Business” phone system at an affordable price for small business.

Small business seems to be left in the dust much of the time, due to their size. They are expected to use older technologies, older telco thought processes, and phone systems with older thinking.

My suggestion for the Cisco Marketing and Sales team is to get in a room with some real “Small Business” people, “Small Business Technologists” and “Creative Thinkers” and design a phone system that is amazing.

A phone system that does everything you could imagine. Can you even imagine what would happen to the small business phone system market. If Cisco, or some other vendor, would come out with a truly revolutionary low cost phone system that does everything, does it well, and is forward thinking in it’s approach. Imagine everyone using the Cisco name as a benchmark in it’s thinking. The small business industry could begin thinking about Cisco as we all do with Apple products like the iPhone, iPad other products.

With the uc320w, it is clearly a follower product at this time.  It really does not do anything special. What if it did. What if it could do follow me, direct email integration with exchange, distinctive ring, What if it could… Be the leader in small business communications. To do what no other company does for small business. To be so entrenched in the media that people are calling us and asking us to sell them the Cisco Small Business Solutions.  I want marketing directed at a product that makes my customers ask me for “The Cisco” phone system.

What if…

Scott Huotari, President / Owner

Creative Computer Solutions



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