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Computer update

As an owner of a Small Computer Consulting company I enjoy playing with new technology.  When new tech toys come out, I most likely one of those “early adopters”   I get the product, I run it through its paces, and often get bored pretty quickly.

Yesterday, my computer died.  It was like the old story about the mechanic that drives the beat up Audi.  My computer was 4 years old, and I kept it running.   I patched it, and babied it and kept it running for a long time without a rebuild.  I knew that if I didn’t keep it going, I would have to spend days rebuilding and reinstalling all my programs.  So I put up with it’s little nuances and slow speed.    Just to avoid the day it would take to get a new computer up and running.

Yesterday… Dead computer.  Luckily I had a new computer here that was not being used.  I installed Windows 7 on it, got office Installed, Outlook set up and Quickbooks installed.  OH MY GOD.  It is screaming fast.  I think I am in love with my computer again…  Why did I wait so long…

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I was compelled to blog this, since so many of us spend hours waiting on slow computers or putting up with issues that we should not have to.  With the newer, faster computer I can be more productive, and not have to wait any longer.  Just booting up the computer this morning was lightening fast, programs opened in a blink, and I sit here wondering if I saved anything in the long run.  Probably not…



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